Timber drying kilns

It doesn’t matter how much sawn timber You need to dry at once – 30.60,100 or 1000 cubic metres, Mühlböck will always have the right kiln for You.
The basis is provided by their sturdy all-aluminium construction with thick-sectioned aluminium inside walls. The insulation consists of synthetic-resin-bonded, non-crush rockwool and the exterior cladding of rear-wall ventilated, trapezoidally corrugated aluminium sheet.
This multi-layer construction compensates for stretching and contraction stresses caused by temperature differences between inside and out. This keeps the kiln permanently tight.
Softwood or hardwood – whatever Mühlböck can provide You the most efficient installation. Our MB8000 system allows You to control all important wood drying variables. And – You will get end-results that produce value – that’s what is important in today’s economy.