Pure water

Water that has been purified in the Pure Water reverse osmosis system is basically entirely free from lime and other minerals. If this water is used for air humidification, it will eliminate the problem of the fine dust that would be deposited in premises and ventilation ducts if untreated water were used for air humidification. While eliminating the “white dust” the Pure Water unit also reduces the amount of bacteria and viruses in the air by more than 99%.

System is highly environment-friendly water purification technique sinceit uses no chemicals whatever.

System unit contains three filters to protect the membrane. The first is an inlet strainer which removes larger particles that could damage the membrane. This is followed by a replaceable particle filter that reduces the amount of sand and rust flakes in the water. The third filter – which is also repleceable – contains aactivated carbon which reduces the chlorine content as well odours and tastes by adsorbing organic substances.

The system unit has very high water efficiency. The secret behind this is the patented circulation pump which circulates water at high flow rate and high velocity along the surface of the membrane.