Nozzle system

We offer ®  nozzle system is an air humidification system that will find appli-cations in any industrial operations in which a controlled and constant air humidity is essential.Typical applications of this nature include industrial processing of hygroscopic materials such as wood and paper. Since such materials respond to the ambient air humidity, the costs of scrapping and quality shortcomings can be drastically reduced by ensuring that the ambient air humidity is correct in relation to the moisture contents of the material. The nozzle system is also important in industrial operations in which static electrical charges are inadmissible, suchas in the electronics and plastics industry. The problems associated with statically charged materials can be dramatically reduced by raisingthe relative humidity to more than 45%.The nozzle system canbe supplied either with loose nozzles for a free layout or in modular units, such as LFV-S4-6-8-10-12D for overhead installation with 4, 6, 8,10 or 12 nozzles, with a humidification capacityof up to 84 kg/h per unit. An unlimited numberof units can be controlled from a given control unit.

The ® compact system is a humidification system which isready for installation and comprises 1, 2 or 3nozzles for a humidification capacity of 7, 14 or21 kg/h, and specially designed for smallerpremises.All of the necessary valves are incorporated atthe factory into the LFV-K control unit onwhich 1, 2 or 3 nozzles are mounted. Onlywater, compressed air and a 230 V, 50 Hzelectric power supply need be connected.