Humidification systems

We offer humidification systems

Many wood industries have chosen to humidify their production environments with solutions from SIBE International AB and SIBE SWED-FOG. This is to improve the working environment at their production units and, among other things, counteract dust problems that otherwise often arise in this type of production environment. However, these are only a couple of advantages, as the controlled and higher moisture both counteract movements in the wood material to be processed, but also helps to make the entire production processes safer. On some devices there are also processes where you glue and then, among other things, finger-jointed products with moisture-curing glue. By adding moisture with the help of humidification, the glue hardens at the same time regardless of external conditions, during different periods of the year and in this way this part of the production chain is also secured.

  • quality product
  • stainless steel nozzles
  • fine water mist
  • very low energy consumption
  • no bacterial growth
  • high flexibility
  • cost – effective
  • production and storage premises
  • wood working industry
  • textile industry
  • printing works
  • fruit and vegetables stores
  • varnishing works
  • plastic industry