Biomass dryer

Continuous drying principle
The drying principle of the new Mühlböck bulking good and biomass drier is based on the continuous dissipation of heat. In combination with the integrated humidity measurement the control system automatically ensures the correct throughput, in dependance on the flow temperature, and thus the attainment of the defined final humidity.
Apart from the individual operating parameters, external conveyance devices can also be controlled via the clearly designed operating panel.

For all operating sizes
The applications for the Mühlböck bulking good and biomass drier range from the small line for drying wod chips (drying of fuels), bark or shavings for small pelleting systems, through to the pure drying of shavings with a throughput of up to 100 srm/h for industrial pelletings. The drying line can be heated with warm water or steam with drying temperatures of 45°C – 140°C or the direct introduction of warm air for example from flue gas condensation. Depending on the heat dissipation desired, one can dry with this faster or more slowly.