K5 control system

The MühlböcK K5 control system is the suitable solution for all of the demands placed on timber drying. n For every operating size and number of drying kilnsn For all drying kilns (Type Classic, type 603, type 606 canal drier, VLSM, steam chamber..)n For all timber typesn For all company requirementsn For many Mühlböck additional applications.

Mühlböck drying know-howThe K5 control system contains the extensive know-how derived from experience with more than 10,000 drying kilns and the current findings of MühlböcK’s R+D departmentn Drying programme suggestions for various types of timber, applications and qualities

Support from the Assistance and Reporting functionsThe K5 control system offers diverse opportuni-ties for support when drying timber– Assistant with regard to selecting the right measuring points– Drying time forecast– IntelliVent – enormous reduction in electricity costs as a result of the continuous adjustment of the speed of the ventilating fans to the drying process– User-dependent and theme-oriented protocol settings– Platform for production planning– Reporting function (according to user groups)– Extensive data bank evaluations

Open to all interfaces– Interfaces to the ERP-systems (optional)– Operation using mobile data carriers (Smartphones)– Visualisation on various computers– Access to visualisation outside the companyMalfunction-free– Remote control at any time via the Internet through to SPc– Software-Updates of control system via the Internet– Automatic notification via E-Mail or SMS.