Mühlböck MB 8000

The task…
is to guarantee an optimum drying process. The goal is to minimise the drying time and drying costs with a prescribed drying quality. The intelligent and fully automatic control of the drying chamber is a self-evidence for your safety and to save time.
Moreover, the MB-8000 can always make the best of your wood using the additional modules for MB-8000 like……….

Successful drying means saving the maximum amount of electricity and the shortest possible drying time. The prize-winning energy saving automatism IntelliVent® reduces the electricity requirements of your drying kiln by between 20 and 50% whilst maintaining the wood quality and drying time. The amount of circulation air necessary at any precise time is constantly worked out and adjusted on the basis of the way the wood is piled, the type of wood and thickness as well as the constantly monitored drying rate. Thus a frequency converter is a necessary pre-requisite for the IntelliVent®.

IntelliPeak-T, energy manager
Heating overloads are a well known problem and the result of a lack of agreement between the drying kilns and the energy supplier. Heating breakdowns are not just tiresome but can also cost a lot of money. Particularly when it comes to bottlenecks, the correct distribution of the energy amounts available is very important. Not an easy task with several drying kilns. But IntelliPeak-T, the energy manager of MB 8000, is here to offer a helping hand.
The energy manager recognises a lack of energy quickly and precisely. The superordinate distribution, also determined by priorities, of heat in the event of bottlenecks is the real strength of the energy manager. In this respect the number one rule is to maintain the drying temperature to lose as little time as possible.

IntelliPeak-E, peak management
This is a control module from Mühlböck which reduces the performance peaks in the electrical supply to the line as a result of varying the basic load. The electricity peaks and electricity costs are reduced without impairing the quality and drying time. An investment which quickly pays off.

ascertains the wood moisture without the need for measuring electrodes. With this system the overall wood load is used to ascertain the average wood moisture. In this way drying can be more easily agreed with the content of the kiln and more accurately shut down. This increases the drying quality and your own success. You will welcome the fact that there is no more need to position measuring points and enter a drying programme ever again. All you need to indicate is the type of wood, the thickness and the quality you desire (dispersion). Then IntelliPilot selects the appropriate drying programme. The precise final date for drying is calculated in advance on the basis of the quality data. This simplifies production planning and ensures supply deadlines.
High performance spraying (100bar)
An efficent moistening system is the key to high quality timber drying. The drying time is reduced to the exent necessary and the water costs are minimised. Reduces the costs for water and maintenance. Conditioning is effective even with high final moistures which,Improves the quality of the wood and the final dispersion of moisture.Which simultaneously reduces drying time and helps You in increase Your revenues.
The Dual software module contains a lot of Mühlböck drying know-how. With this module alternating climates can be configured to attain small wood moisture dispersions even with high final moistures.